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  • 2018-09-02

    Khattum - Nusrat Irshad

    *QURAN KHWAANI & KHATTUM* FOR: M IRSHAD'S WIFE 🌟SUNDAY - 22nd AUG 🌟QURAN KHWAANI 11am 🌟KHATTUM @ ZUHR 🌟MEN DOWNSTAIRS 🌟LADIES UPSTAIRS The family request you to join this Blessed Spiritual gathering and read Quran E Kareem to convey the Esaal-e-Sawaab to the deceased. May Allah Subhanaha wa Ta'ala bless her soul with peace & grant her the highest status in Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen ----------------------------------------- Imam Bukhari writes that: Prophet Muhammad [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] has said, The status of the deceased is raised (during their time in the grave), and the deceased ask Allah (Almighty) why has this happened, Allah (Almighty) replies that your Son has prayed for your forgiveness. (Al-Adab, Al-Mufid Chapter Excellency of the Parents) by Imam Bukhari

  • 2018-09-12

    Islamic New Year

    Start of the Islamic New Year A.H. 1440

  • 2019-05-04


    Ramazan Mubarak

  • 2019-06-05


    Eid ul Fitr will be on 5th June 2019, After Ramdan month.

  • 2019-08-12

    Eid ul Adha

    Eid ul Adha Mubarak

  • 2019-09-27

    New Islamic Year

    New Islamic year

  • 2020-07-31

    Eid Ul Adha

    Eid Salah... In-Sha-Allah

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